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'Tis the Season

Below is a seasonal outline of the weather typical on Tybee Island.  Once you have made a reservation, use this list to assist in class selection and preparing a packing list for your group.  Predicting the weather is nearly impossible so be prepared for a chilly night, a rainy day, windy classes, etc.  Classes are held in all weather conditions unless the situation is deemed hazardous by the Camp Director and Program Coordinator.  Students that are prepared have a better experience than those that are not.  Prior to departure check the weather ( for the weather forecast.  All classes, except Surf Sleuth, are offered year round. Because many of our classes are outdoors, always bring bug spray and sunscreen.

Early Fall (September - October)

  • Very warm
  • Rain possible
  • All classes offered

Late Fall (November - December)

  • Mild to chilly temperatures in the morning
  • Comfortable temperatures in the afternoon
  • Too chilly for Surf Sleuth

Early Spring (January-February)

  • Mild to chilly temperatures
  • Typically highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s
  • Too chilly for Surf Sleuth

Mid-Spring (March-early April)

  • Mild temperatures
  • Possibly too chilly for Surf Sleuth

Late Spring (late April-May)

  • Hot
  • Ocean water temperature nice
  • All classes offered