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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H: Environmental Education

Burton 4-H Center

Rules and Regulations

Acquaint your students with these rules and regulations before your trip, and provide a copy to each chaperone.  All visiting chaperones are expected to enforce these rules.

General Rules

  1. Listen to instructors or adults.  A raised hand indicates it is time to listen.
  2. Shoes must be worn at all times unless you are in your dorm or on the sand volleyball court.  Flip-flop sandals are only for inside the dorms.
  3. When the bell rings everyone should walk immediately to either: 1) the bell when time for a meal or 2) their group’s meeting spot when time for class.
  4. No running, climbing, or bouncing balls on A-frame.
  5. No students allowed on the dock or forest trail without adult supervision.
  6. No running.
  7. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.  Students must be in dorms and quiet.
  8. We recommend disposable cameras because students will be getting dirty and wet.

Dorm Rules:

  1. Students are responsible for cleaning dorms before departing.  Chaperones shall supervise, instruct, and help with use of cleaning supplies.  Dorm cleaning instructions are on the dorms front door.  A bucket of cleaning supplies is found in the chaperone bathroom.  Dorms shall be inspected and approved by a Burton 4-H Center staff member before the group departs.
  2. Rinse off sand and mud outside the dorm at hoses and outdoor showers. Rinsing sand and mud off in dorm sinks and showers will lead to clogged drains.
  3. Students shall not go into dorms unless there is an adult present. Only go into your assigned dorm.
  4. Students should not go behind dorms.
  5. No food, drink or spraying bug repellant and/or sun block in dorms.
  6. Do not leave money in dorms.

Class Time Rules:

  1. You must prepare for class once your previous activity is done.  This includes going to the bathroom, getting water, putting on the correct shoes and appropriate clothing.  When the bell rings for class go immediately to your group’s meeting spot.
  2. For MARSH ECOLOGY class, closed toed shoes must be worn.  The best options are old sneakers or rubber boots.
  3. For SURF SLEUTH class, shoes must be worn in the water and they must have a tight strap so they do not fall off.  The best options are sneakers, water shoes, or sandals with a tight back strap.  Crocs or flip-flops are not permitted. Everyone must wear shirts and shorts at all times.  It is recommended to wear a swimming suit under your clothes.
  4. No swimming at any time in any Burton 4-H Center class.

Burton 4-H Center wants to keep your students safe and our grounds maintained.  Your assistance in enforcing these rules is greatly appreciated.