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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H: Environmental Education

Burton 4-H Center

Reservation Planning

All correspondence and questions should be directed to:
David Weber
Program Coordinator
Burton 4-H Center
9 Lewis Avenue
Tybee Island, GA 31328
(912) 786-5534

Our reservation calendar fills quickly, please contact our office for available dates.  Based on availability we may be able to hold tentative reservations for you. Reservations are considered confirmed upon the receipt of your signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of $300.  The deposit is applied to your account upon checkout.

Incurred Costs

An estimated attendance is required when booking.  Please notify us of any changes to this estimate. Adults and students are charged the same fees. A guaranteed count is required 7 days prior to your trip.  There is a $10 per person charge for space reserved but not showing.


Your organization provides transportation between your location and the Burton 4-H Center.  We provide transportation for classes occurring during the field study.  Our vehicles are not wheelchair accessible. With a strong adult to assist, wheelchair-bound students can fully participate in all programs.  Each school must bring an extra vehicle to provide transportation in case a camper needs to go to the hospital during your stay.


The Burton 4-H Center provides a full-time teaching staff during designated day and evening classes.  Each visiting group is responsible for school led activities on one evening of your visit, as well as any field trip off-site on the last day of your visit.


Chaperones assist with class activities and child supervision throughout the field study. Any adults accompanying a group are considered chaperones.  Please relay expectations to all attending adults prior to their commitment to the field study.  We require at least one chaperone per 15 students however, most groups bring more than this.