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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H: Environmental Education

Burton 4-H Center

Introduction to Burton 4-H Center

The Burton 4-H Center's Environmental Education staff members are college graduates or international interns that have shown a genuine interest in working with children in an outdoor, environmental education setting.  Many have done extensive course work in science while others may come to us from teacher training programs or other 4 year degree.  Each is highly motivated and uniquely qualified to work with children in the outdoor classroom. 

This year's teaching staff from left to right: Will Freund, Jillian Norrie, Sarah Wickman, Alex Heinemann, Matt Rieger, Krista Scheierman, Chandler Sharp

Georgia 4-H General Information

The University of Georgia and the Georgia 4-H program appreciate your support of the Burton 4-H Center’s Environmental Education Program.  During your field study, we hope that each student has a positive outdoor experience that increases their awareness of ecological processes and concerns while improving social interaction with fellow classmates and adults.

The University of Georgia is a Land Grant University that hosts and supports five 4-H facilities across the state: Rock Eagle, Wahsega, Jekyll Island, Fortson, and Burton.  Combined, these centers reach over 160,000 students per year. Annually, over 7,000 of these students visit Burton 4-H Center.

Georgia 4-H and the University of Georgia encourage 4-H participants to "learn by doing" through the performing arts, public speaking, agricultural projects, and volunteer opportunities.  Involvement in Georgia 4-H assists youth with developing valuable skills such as decision making, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility.

Founded as the Corn Club, Georgia 4-H was initially organized in Newton County, Georgia.  The goal of the Corn Club was to assist the rural community by teaching young people improved agricultural practices.  Teaching these future farmers modern farming practices at a young age allowed them to take that knowledge back to their families and communities.  

Every county in Georgia has a 4-H program.  Please contact your local County Extension Office to speak with your County Agent about opportunities available through the Georgia 4-H.  Additional information can be obtained by visiting the UGA Cooperative Extension Service website at