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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H: Environmental Education

Burton 4-H Center

Emergency Procedures

As an extension of the University of Georgia, Burton 4-H Center must follow UGA Policy in regards to emergency procedures and first aid. UGA policy states that visiting teachers and chaperones are to provide first aid treatment, including washing a wound with soapy water or applying an adhesive bandage to students.  Therefore, in case of an emergency, all medical and first aid decisions are the responsibility of the visiting school personnel.

First Aid:

Though our staff is certified in First Aid and CPR, the responsible school must make decisions regarding a child’s first aid needs. Due to UGA policies, our first aid station is stocked with gloves, bandages, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, a map to the hospital, water proof tape and many other useful items. The first aid station is located on the dining hall porch and can be accessed 24 hours a day. We also have some over the counter medications such as pain relievers, things for allergic reactions, bug bites or upset stomachs. These items are located in our office.

If a camper or adult must be transported to a medical facility, but does not require a ride in an ambulance, our vehicles are not available. Groups should have a private vehicle available for emergencies.

Medical Treatment:

An adult will need to transport injured students to the Southern Urgent Care in Savannah or St. Joseph's Candler Hospital or Memorial Hospital emergency rooms in Savannah.  Non-emergency transportation to medical facilities is the responsibility of the visiting school.

The family and/or school must provide medical insurance for participants. No medical coverage is offered through the Burton 4-H Center.

Tybee Island’s First Responder unit may be reached by dialing 911.

Once at Burton 4-H Center, please make sure that all adults know which vehicle is designated for emergencies.

In case of:


  1. Ensure the safety of all students by counting and maintaining a safe distance from the fire.
  2. Check building for occupants.  DO NOT go back into a burning building.
  3. If necessary, designate ONE adult to call 911.
  4. Notify Burton 4-H Center personnel.
  5. Use portable fire extinguishers if feasible.


Retreat to a building.  Do not seek safety under a tree.  Stay away from metal objects, windows and electrical appliances.

If away from camp, retreat to vehicle or nearby building.

If an emergency occurs at home and someone must contact you or a child in your group, have them call Burton 4-H Center at 912-786-5534.