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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H: Environmental Education

Burton 4-H Center

Topics to Discuss at the Chaperone Meeting

The 4-H Center staff works in partnership with the teachers and chaperones of the visiting school.  Our staff teach five day classes and two evening classes, supervise in the dining hall, operate the canteen and inspect dormitories before departure.  Visiting chaperones supervise students during non-class time, supervise dorm cleanup, and facilitate activities during the evening School Led Activity time.  Informing chaperones of expectations, rules, and duties while attending the school's field study will alleviate potential problems while at the Burton 4-H Center.

Responsibilities of Chaperones

  1. Go over dorm rules and expectations with children in your dorm.
  2. Supervise and monitor students during school led activities and while in dorms.
  3. Assist with student supervision and discipline during day and evening sessions.
  4. Enforce rules stated by the school and the Burton 4-H Center.
  5. Supervise dorm and grounds cleanup before departure.
  6. Report any needs or problems to the Burton 4-H Center staff.
  7. Actively participate in classes.
  8. Attend Burton 4-H Center's initial orientation upon arrival.

Chaperones are be able to purchase caffeinated beverages during canteen hours. Many adults opt to bring cell phones in the event of an emergency.  Please have chaperones refrain from using their phones during class times and during times when the children should be supervised. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at Burton 4-H Center.

Chaperones are expected to be role models for the children in language, dress, conduct, and punctuality.