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Burton 4-H Center


Burton 4-H Center is pleased to offer an Adopt-an-Animal Program, designed to help alleviate the cost of care and maintenance for our animals. While our love for the animals is infinite, our budget is not! Your donation will help supplement the already top-notch care they receive.

Adoption packages come with the following:

  • an official certificate announcing adoption
  • a full color information sheet loaded with fun facts about your animal
  • your name featured on our website under “Proud Parents

Adoptable animals are listed below:

Discovery Tanks

Discovery Tank 1 or 2: $10

Both Discovery Tans: $15

Snakes: $10 for one or $15 for two

"Cobb" Corn Snake

"Tweak" Yellow Rat Snake

"Melvin" Grey Rat Snake

"Monty" Ball Python

"Versace" Puebloan Milk Snake

Turtles: $15 for one or $25 for two

"Cupid" Diamondback Terrapin

"Shoebox" male Box Turtle

"Big Mama" female Box Turtle

"Wilfred" Gopher Tortoise

"Frank" Florida River Cooter

"Rocky" Yellow-bellied Slider

"Roscoe" Bearded Dragon $15

American Alligators: $20 for one or $30 for two



Loggerhead Sea Turtle: $50 for one or $75 for two



Adopt-an-Animal Registration Form

Proud Parents

From Birmingham Falls Elementary School

Ms. Jaden Childree adopted "Zoe" and "Monty"

Ms. Beckmann’s class adopted our horseshoe crab
Mrs. Parry and Mrs. Anton’s class adopted our diamondback terrapin
Mrs. Donnellan’s class adopted our eastern box turtle
Ms. Jett and Ms. Greene’s class adopted our corn snake
Ms. McDonald’s class adopted our gopher tortoise
Ms. Ryan’s class adopted our American alligator